Post Prom Party Hypnotist   90% entertainment / 10% educational !
High School Entertainment
exciting, fun and amazing.
High School stage hypnosis volunteers experience the power of the mind with a light induction technique.

School Comedy Hypnotist
Bruce James, CH, NLP

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bruce James performs travel anywhere with his stage hypnotism show demonstrating the power of the mind.l
Hypnotized Volunteers, Stage Hypnotist Hypnotiized Show Participants
1.  the student volunteers become the stars of this inspiring show!
2.  wholesome fun for kids and family  . . . clean fun...
3.  can customize hypnosis show to meet any school message . . .
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Grad Party Stage Hypnosis Show - Project Graduation Hypnosis
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Project Graduation Comedy Hypnotist Bruce James is a safe graduation party show that has performed in project graduation school programs in over 35 states.

The Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show is one of the most popular graduation hypnotic shows in the country!  The program emphasis is on fun hypnotic entertainment and is sure to be the hit of the party for your grads and create memories that last a lifetime!

High school comedy hypnotist leave a powerful, power of the mind, impact with students.  This clean comedy high school stage hypnotist can be a perfect solution for safe grad party hypnotist or post prom hypnotist.  The Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show is a wonderful solution if you're looking for ideas for fundraising to offset a budget cutback that is fun, easy to succeed, fast-paced and contemporary.

Through the fun, well managed performance of this program students learn about the power of the mind and the truth about hypnosis and how it may help them with study skills, memory improvement and self confidence.  The show can be customized to convey a theme or message to students addressing problems ranging from drug use, drinking and teen pregnancy.

A hypnosis show is a fun audience participation show that will have your students:

 Hypnotized high school student volunteers receive powerful suggestions upon emerging from hypnosis. Results - greater energy, enhances focus for study habits and demonstrates powerful messages about the dangers of drug use.
This program emphasis is on fun hypnotic entertainment and is a terrific reward for students that will help them:

create memories that last a lifetime
offers light educational message

High School Stage Hypnotist Bruce James helps students unwind, relax, and have fun with his  fast-paced, hilarious contemporary high school hypnosis show!

1) Safest Hypnotic Show Available!
Bruce always works with his wife (Kelly Jean - former Miss New England) who runs production, assists during the show and is there to always keep an eye on the participants to head off any problems before they exist!

2) Bruce's Hypnotic Show is Insured
Bruce carries a $2,000,000.00 liability insurance. He has never had a claim on his insurance and does not ever expect to, however you can rest easier knowing it is available to cover any problems that may arise and that Bruce is a professional who cares enough to invest in protection for himself and you.

3) The Content is Appropriate and Guaranteed not to Offend Your Guests.
You will have no worries about inappropriate content or unhappy parents at your show. Bruce  provides outstanding entertainment suitable for Graduation Parties.

4) Solid Track Record of Success
Graduation only happens once, there are no "re-dos."  Bruce and Kelly are experienced with an extensive verifiable track record of success. You can rely on them to create a successful event your grads will remember for years!

 Bruce James
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