Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bruce James with his las vegas style hillarious hypnosis show performing at corporate entertaining events, high school stage hypnosis events and profitable fundraising hypnosis show events in CT, MA, RI, NY, NJ, AZ, FL

 Bruce James  Hypnotist
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~ Experience the Power of the Mind ~

Hypnosis Shows provide non-stop laughter and fun and powerfully demonstrates the power of the mind.Stage Hypnotist Bruce James performes an audience participation event that will leave crowds spellbound. A comedy stage hypnotist is a meeting planners perfect choice for corporate hypnosis entertainment for all corporate events, the company Christmas party or after dinner show, and always a winning fund raising idea.

Bruce James powerfully demonstrates the power of the mind leaving your audience dazzled!
Hypnotized Volunteer is missiing the number 6 and counts 11 fingers!

Our show is powerfully funny, hypnotically entertaining and inspiring. We look forward to telling you more about what we do and why our hypnosis show will take your audience  on a journey of laughter and fun.

The stage hypnosis show combines improvisation with polished Comedian Hypnotist assistant Kelly Jean assisting at comedy hypnosis shows nationally.routines and music that keep the hypnosis show flowing smoothly from the beginning to the end. Bruce James has performed coast to coast in over 35 states. He and his assistant, Kelly Jean (former Miss New England), provide a quality Las Vegas Hypnotist style show that is classy and entertaining.


The Hypnosis Show is very unique entertainment
and has been called one of the greatest shows on earth.
It combines the fun of total participation
with the incredible abilities of the mind.

Hypnotized ubjects in trance see things that are embarrassing.You will laugh and applaud for your friends and family up on stage,
as you have never seen them before. Often the most quiet introvert
becomes the brightest entertainer.

During the hypnotic show ordinarily conservative audience members,
and even those who aren't so conservative,
will undergo a complete hypnotic transformation.
The suggestions that James puts them through
are hilarious to the audience members,
but to the volunteers up on stage, it becomes their reality.

The audience enjoys one of the most exciting and
amazing stage hypnotist show that they have ever experienced.
The hypnotized volunteers are having fun, the audience is having fun.
Everyone is laughing and having a great time at the
Bruce James Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show.

Place "HYPNOTIST" in subject

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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Comments from Recent Event Planners


Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable.  Funny. Best show they have ever seen.
Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!

Bruce and Kelly.. you both are not only a beautiful couple
but a very attentive and nurturing couple with the audience.
Keep up the great work. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts . . .
You gave us wonderful memories.  

West Milford High School Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June22, 2010 show.)
The students enjoyed the show, didn't expect it to be so funny.  
Teachers also enjoyed the show.  We will want to re-book for next year.

 Private Sweet 16 Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For May 30, 2010 date.)
Our guest loved you guys!  People stated “It was the best party ever!”

Adler 50th Birthday Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June 12, 2010 date.)
Our guest loved you guys!  People stated “ It was the best party ever!”
XL Insurance Company
Christmas Party 09 -  he Hartford Club - Hartford CT

Thank you.  It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to work with you.  
Everyone enjoyed the party this year primarily because of your show.  
Your ears ust have been ringing all day
from people talking about the show and how great it was.  

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the show tremendously!  
Many said it was our best party to date
and I'm sure we will get increased attendance next year because of it.

Deborah Herman - Event Planner

Danity Rubish
Christmas Party 09 - Middletown CT

Best party they ever attended.  It was a great experience for them.  
Bruce was very professional and put on a great show.  Feel fee to use me as a reference.

Phil Armetta - Owner

Wood Group Gas Turbine Services
Christmas Party Dec 09 - Sheridan - Springfield MA

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how pleased I was with your show.  
Our employees loved it and you gave us a night to remember. Thanks so much.

Human Resources Leader - Laura Pozzuto-Hunt

Geoffrey Roning Group - Entertainment Agents Summer 09

Dear Bruce,  
I wanted to thak you once again for participationg in our gradualtion season.

The client feedback on you and your show was very positive.  
Both the clients and I appreciate your professionalism, your flexibility,
and how easy it is to work with you.

It isn't easy to find a hypnotist that understands the needs of the
graduates and their parents,
and I am very happy that we have found one who does.

thanks you again!

Wendy Ronning

Key Stone Apt - Assisted living facility - Boston - April 09

They raved about the show. They said they were thoroughly entertained!  Bruce, you were a pleasure to work with. Will recommend you to everyone I know.

Administrator - Barbara

Private Party - Corporate Event - Fourth of July, 09

The consensus was overwhelming!. Most of my guests have never experienced a show like yours!

They all told me it was the best party they have ever attended.

Thanks for making me look good.

Phil Armetta

Employee Appreciation Day - Kletter& Levine, P.C.
Albany, NY area

Just a quick note to thank you and Kelly again for a great job!  Everyone had a wonderful time (two of the girls said they couldn't figure out why they were sore the next day!), and I'm sure we will be talking about this staff outing for years to come!  Many people told me they hadn't laughed so hard in years!

Stop by to see us next time you're in the Adirondacks again!

 ~ Ingrid Boyko

Mountain One Financial Partners - North Adams, MA

Wonderful, amazing, professional.  Staff that did not attend would attend in the future.


Montville High School Drama Club, CT

Enjoyed it very much.
Loved seeing the kids' responses.
Couldn't believe it!
Couldn't be easier to work with you.

Note forwarded to the principal and superintendent:

"The kids were well behaved, the kids on stage were wonderful, and
Bruce James had great control.  It was an outstanding fundraiser."

 ~ Dee Lamperelli

Simsbury High School - Prom May 09

Everyone I talked to loved the show.  
The kids didn't move once the show started. Very professional.  
I saw another show of this type at a graduation event
and the performer was a little too sarcastic with the kids.  
Excellent Show

 ~ Debbie O'Brien

"Great Idea"  I laughed, I cried, I fell out of my chair!"
"Awesome,  I laughed much it hurt!"
You were great, more than we expected!  Everyone had a great time. They are still talking about it.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
People told me they never laughed so hard. They roared.
I cant thank you enough as you really made this years event more than memorable.
-Dave Brundy
Event Planner AIC, Albuquerque, NM

A joy to be in the audience for a hilarious comedy show.
Family friendly - great for people of all ages.  
We also made our fundraising goal!

Thank you.
Joanne Moore
Niantic, CT

Hilarious, entertaining, it was a pleasure working with you.
Alpha-1 convention at the Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia

Fantastic!  Superb!
Truly Enjoyable Experience.
- Aquarion Water Co.
Bridgeport, CT

You and your lovely assistant were a tremendous hit !  Hope to book you again.
 - Gigi

- Torrington Elks, CT

"Our members are going to be talking about this a long time. Next year we expect twice the number of people"

"You made me into a believer.  I had no idea what to expect.  Next time, I'm going to be up there on stage"

Hello Bruce and Kelly,
Just wanted to let you both know that i did receive the Dvd today, I haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but i will soon though.  I am sure I will get a good laugh from it.  My father mentioned that he could not stop laughing the whole night and he regrets not being up on stage with the rest of us.  We both enjoyed talking with you both downstairs after the show.  You are great people,  It seems like i have known you both forever,that's how great your personalities are!  ..Hope to go to another show soon!..  Take Care Have A great day!.

"Our guests expressed their enjoyment and amazement at your talent and I never had such great feedback from one of our parties. Everyone had a great time,including the president of the company!"

Bruce was hilarious, while still being sensitive and watchful over his volunteer's! The humor was clean and the audience enjoyed themselves immensely. Additionally, if any of you or your company's are looking for some fun entertainment, give  James a call!
 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347
1-800-715-1333 x 3292
email us with your event details. ( place HYPNOTIST in subject)

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